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setting up an ethernet modem with a wireless router

I was suckered in by the new Belkin N1 Vision (with its lovely built-in screen), only to find out it's only a wireless router and doesn't include an ADSL modem. What an arse!

The real pain came trying to set the thing up. I tried getting my old Netgear ADSL router to work in modem-only mode. This was fruitless, so I ordered a dedicated ethernet modem (A Linksys AM200). When this came along I spent a LOT of time fiddling with various settings (DHCP, DMZ etc). This is the combination that works for me, on Virgin broadband:

Modem (Linksys AM200)

  • Mode: Bridge Only (note: this turns the modem into a simple non-routing device and the web interface will no longer function
  • VCI: 38
  • VPI: 0
  • IP:
  • DHCP: disabled

Router (Belkin N1 Vision)

  • Connection Type: PPPoE
  • Username:
  • Password: As selected when registering with Virgin
  • Service Name: [blank]
  • MTU: 1452 (default)

..and finally it works!

written by Chris Beach
16/11/07 12:34am
(10 years, 5 months ago)
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